Friday, April 24, 2009

Why are we here?

This may seem like one of those questions that have no right or wrong answer because everyone has their own opinion of what the true response could be. Well, it is that kind of question. I imagine at one time or another you’ve asked yourself: Why are we here… in this world… on this Earth… what is our purpose… what are we meant for? Among other wondering-soul-searching inquiries. Normally, this initial question would inspire my usual reply: “There are just some questions that are better left unasked, and this is one of them”.

But today, I feel like sharing my opinion. So, if someone was to ask me this question, I’d say… we are here because we were given the opportunity to experience life. We are here to learn how to live as best we can through what each of us considers good and bad. Each day, we are given the chance to discover, question, teach, explore, survive… we just seem to overlook these prospects as they blur into our daily-rushed-routine. I am aware however, that some of us aren’t born with such favorable circumstances. There are a lot of us that face a very grave existence. Seriously. I’m talking about the kind of brutal reality where the word happiness signifies a quick death. So how could I possibly describe life as if it were a coloring book we’ve yet to get a hold of and fill with color? Well, I believe that no matter what hardships you encounter, it is important, essential even, to do everything in your power to overcome them. Do your best for yourself, those you love and others within your ability to help. Forge on into the fading sunlight, through the dark and muddled night, and straight into the misty wake of dawn. Why? Because it’s all worth it in the end - to know you lived to see, breath, taste, hear, feel, and experience a better tomorrow. Would you like to look back on your life and know you took on those fears, tragedies, uncertainties, pain and other obstacles… and conquered, fighting on to experience the fulfillment of your dreams, goals, happiness and hopes? Yeah, so would I.

I believe that all the long time efforts and tiring struggles to make these things happen, make up a sweet rewarding victory. So, as the French would say: Bon courage!

By: V.S

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