Friday, April 10, 2009

Delicious Rain

The rain here in Puerto Rico is as unpredictable as our driving skills. It chooses when to fall, where to go and how long it will stay there. At times, pouring down for days with little rest. In other occasions, the rain simply intervenes once within a day, to remind us that it is never too far. Listening to the weather channel does little to prepare us for its descent. The weather team may announce that tomorrow it will rain ALL DAY. Yet the rain makes itself scarce; instead, leaving plenty of room for the sun to shine and replace it. So then the weather team, undiscouraged, declares that it shall be sunny and hot all week. And then, of course, the rain moves in, showering the unsuspecting and umbrella-less mortals. But even amidst the heavy rain pounding on the streets and homes and skulls of all without shelter, it is inevitable to recognize that there is something very special about this rain, as it plummets at will over this island. There is a natural force at work as it materializes, gathering clouds and wind and a telling stillness before the scent of rain emerges – unmistakable, with the hint of humidity and sweet fresh air. When the heavens finally release this dam of vibrant energy, it is both frightening and awe inspiring. The rain is a living, breathing, touching, swirling storm of unpredictability as it inhales our essences, fears and sins, exhaling our cleansed spirit, hopes and priorities.
This rain is feral when it comes to guarding its freedom, yet deceivingly gentle with its soothing sounds, and cooling breeze caressing across your skin, and in its first shy tentative drops, and the cold cleansing feel of water in the palm of your hand… It is the wild untamable taste of rain that is so delicious as it sets us free, encouraging us to leave behind all feeble worries. It calls to us, heightening our senses, pulling and tugging at our wilder basic natures, drawing out our true desires and forgotten hopes: to be as unpredictable as this delicious rain.

By: V.S

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