Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Glamorous Hollywood Life Style: Is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

Early on in my life I decided that I wouldn’t want to live a life in the spotlight. For whatever brief time I had entertained the idea of being a rockstar or celebrity, it was quickly extinguished as a few facts came into focus: many talented celebs end up falling prey to drug addiction or go through a downfall phase (also known as what the hell was she/he thinking!) or have their most intimate moments splattered all over a magazine cover, among other such thespian instances.
Now, if you’re thinking you don’t have to be a superstar to go through some of these hardships, you’re right. I suppose a very big difference though is that your picture and your addiction or depression, or whichever difficulty you are trying to handle in your life, is being zoomed in and diced into tiny pieces to be ruthlessly judged and poked at. Then of course those pieces are blown up, a snappy comment is slapped beside it before the “scoop” is copied into a magazine, newspaper or webpage, and the remains are scattered into the four winds to be published in every way known to mankind where anyone from here to Zimbabwe can find out about it. In a way, a celebrity is a lot like a window-display (without the ridiculous salary). You are out there for the public eye to look and criticize, they can admire, they can disapprove, and they can even try to walk up to the window for closer inspection. They may want to know everything about you, from the size of your crib, to what you like to snack on after sex.
I will refrain from describing all the many brutal consequences brought on by committing the monumental, unforgiving, crime of gaining a single hint of a pound – in fact, if you even whisper the word, or read it out loud, you are at risk of being banished from the celeb-world; only after you are mocked, kicked into the dirt, and left for depressed or on heavy medication. When you’re in such a position, where your every waking breath is being recorded, your every step hunted down by a pack of vicious creatures named Paparazzi (not a synonym of warm and cuddly), your every picture is compared to thousands of other celebs and rated on a stylish scale, your… okay you get the picture… well, then I have to believe you have your hands somewhere between full and straining against the overflow of your life style. But suddenly this Hollywood spotlight doesn’t seem so glamorous after all – of course that’s just my opinion.

By the way, if you could care less about all this drivel I’ve just described above, then maybe the Hollywood-life style is for you after all.

By: V.S

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