Friday, April 10, 2009

How an uncertain mind works

First, your mind is usually a very skeptical and at times pessimistic entity in itself. I say this because it constantly questions everything you do, the reasons why you're doing it and, lastly, it instills enough doubt for you to rethink your actions. It has the power to make you uncertain and act upon that uncertainty. Then, a second wave of questions rush through your system. And in response, you pull up a wall of reassurances: "Of course I did my best", "Yes I know what I'm doing" , "I did read the instructions, okay?", etc. Its a risky battlefield where you have to watch your step or you just might be targeted. Your mind also seems to be in close alliance with the Energizer Bunny, since it keeps going and going and going... it seems to be processing thoughts even in your sleep. As if it purposely disguised the OFF button so you wouldn't recognize it and press it. So, you find yourself arguing with this logical or illogical snobbish mind. Darn thing thinks it knows it all, including what's best for you. But it does have it's weaknesses - you just have to find them. For example, an uncertain mind is actually easily distracted. So you might get lucky and avoid any harsh interrogations by simply focusing all your attention on that pretty bird flying by. These minds work differently depending on the individual and the level of independence their minds insist upon. But a common hobby for an uncetain mind is to wonder. About everything! About anything! With or without a valuable enough reason to justify the initial investigation. So, is there a cure? Can we stop it? Or are we doomed to have internal arguments with our stubborn minds for an indefinite amount of time? Well... unless its causing you harm, I don't see it as an illness to cure. It might be a curse at times, but in my own experience you learn something very valuable from it: how to develop winning arguments that'll make even the most ruthless lawyer proud.

By: V.S

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