Saturday, May 7, 2011

“Phenomenal Mother… that’s you.”

Many people ponder where your secret lies,
For you seem to have been born to be a mother with strong ties.
They ask how you can possibly do what you do,
Day in and day out you slave over what was blessed upon you.
Being a mother leaves one marveling at the many changes in life,
But many others still wonder how you take your job in stride.

I try to tell them,
It’s all in the reach of your arms,
That never seem to tire as you catch me when I fall.
I try to point out,
It’s all in the curl of your smile,
That seems to forgive my many faults and trials.
I try to explain,
It’s all in the care in your eyes,
That seem to look at me as if I were a gift in disguise.
I try to make them see,
It’s all in the love in your heart,
That forever seems to reach for me.

But they just don’t seem to understand,
What your infinite patience,
And endless sacrifices lead you to be.

A phenomenal mother, that’s what you are,
A phenomenal mother, it’s what you do,
A phenomenal mother, that’s you.

By: V.S