Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Diary of a Newly Wedded Woman

On the road to somewhere

Somewhere... somewhere unknown, or so it seems. The reality of my life now begins to break through my composure. I am no longer who I was. Yes, I agree, it's nothing so dramatic as losing my identity. I am still how I was, yet not the same. Facing situations I'd never had before, confronting myself through each experience, figuring out my emotions and thoughts under such occurring as I'd never had a chance to do on a previous occasion. The change I'd awaited for so long to arrive is solidifying before my very eyes... quite rapidly! I feel as if I should be torn between my past and my present, between what I used to be and my new roles in life. The world seems to be spinning faster than ever before, and I'm somewhere in it, holding on by my fingernails. And yet, even though I may be incredulous most of the time and my fears may get the better of me in all the other instances... I can't force myself to be alarmed. I'm on the road to somewhere, there will always be a realm of possible outcomes ready to jump out, good ones as well as bad ones. So, I think to myself: somewhere... my guess? I'm on the road to living, to moving beyond the happy ending in fairy tales, to learning and being shaped by the choices, actions, lessons and experiences my life will now have to offer.

By: V.S

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