Thursday, June 16, 2011

A night of reflection

I walk outside to face the cold lonely night,
Lonely, for it is still and silent and bared of life,
Like an empty picture staring through its frame.

A full moon lights up the sky,
Chasing away some of the shadows in my mind,
Like a torch snuffing out the darkness.

The cold offers little comfort except the memory of warmer times,
It seems as if I’m always trying to remember now,
Like a child afraid to age, afraid to forget.

I find myself almost dreading these barren dark hours,
A time when I cannot hide, especially from myself,
Like a mirror that tells only the truth of its reflection.

The moonlight falls through the night so clearly
The struggle to face my most basic hopes and fears is revealed,
Like a rainstorm that washes away the grime and promises redemption.

By: V.S