Thursday, February 16, 2012


You were a stranger once… someone I’d yet to know was real,
Someone who’s arms had yet to embrace me,
Someone who’s humor had yet to make me smile,
Someone who’s love had yet to brighten my very existence.

So many times I dreamed of someone like you,
The person who realized there was no need to pretend, to be true,
The person who recognized the love beating in me,
And my ache to set it free.

Seeing things anew, I am grateful I didn’t lose my way from you,
Perhaps it was all preordained, me finding you,
The one who’d love me for me,
And not judge me as he’d see.

I now know with certainty, had we never met in Italy,
My heart would have searched for you more thoroughly,
I also know that as many stars as there are in the night,
Is the many ways I can count how blessed I truly am this time.

Whichever the direction we are destined to take,
You have to believe me when I say,
You hold all of my heart in your hands,
One that has never before been given so completely away.

I have but one thing to ask of you,
As you quiet the riot of my raging fears,
And hold on to what is left of me at the end of each year,
Don’t ever let go of what I it is I mean to you.

Hold on to me, as tightly as I will always hold on to you,
No matter that times will change, the season of us will remain,
And I will live a happy life beside you, with you,
My deepest thanks, to you.

By: V.S (A Valentine Special)

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