Monday, January 10, 2011

A high priced craving

The lust for money is a treacherous gamble; it is deceptive in its simplicity to draw you close and risky as it can poison you with greed. It may call to us, in disguise as the answer to all our problems, but under closer study, it is merely the source of many of our troubles…

Money can hand you the world, yet you’d still be empty handed.
The promise of possession is a powerful drug, strong enough to blind you from the fortunes you already have and illusory enough to deceive yourself into thinking it’s what you really want.

Money can endow you with riches, yet you’d still have nothing.
Expecting to receive the universe upon its knees, yet few things can please you from within, until you realize that having so much can mean having so little in return.

Money can give you the keys to many doors, yet you’d still feel locked out.
So many opportunities are open to you, you can go anywhere and be everywhere, but standing where you thought you wanted to be can feel like being nowhere at all.

Under the illusion of being superior to others because of your wealth runs a pricey risk of loosing your true self to the superficial fa├žade of fortune and fame...

By: V.S

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