Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life comes at you fast… it did for me!

I’d always known this phrase existed and could be applied to for different occurrences in one’s life. However, it wasn’t until recently that I ran into it face first, the reality of it hitting me like a bulldozer. I suppose it always seemed slightly distant, this promise that my life could change so drastically. I expected it to happen eventually, but would never have imagined to be caught so wholly off guard. It was like closing my eyes for only a second, and then opening them to come face-to-face to a world altering decision. Even now, it’s as if I’m standing on the very edge of a cliff, looking down into the unknown, my breath held in fear and suspense, and some unseen force daringly whispers to me: jump! The temptation to do just that makes me inch ever closer; readying for that careless spring. And I know, I KNOW everything will change once I take that leap… the way I wake up in the morning, the places that greet me when I go out, the people I’ll run into in the street, how I’ll get ready for bed in the evenings… basically, I will change. Chaotic indecision suddenly wrestles with a rising desire to jump and be free, leaving behind all concerns and insecurities.

But I have a choice… accept that, change will come, and that, perhaps, this is my time to take a chance and soar… or to step back from this, leaving behind the risk of falling, and quite possibly denying a great opportunity to do something incredible for myself.

By: V.S

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