Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A breath of Italy


I want to say so many things about this beautiful place:
How leaves sparkle with green and gold colors in the morning sunlight,
How thick trees rustle invitingly through afternoon strolls,
How grapes practically glow with ripeness along the vineyards,
How mountains tower undauntedly, almost proudly, in the horizon,

I want to remember so many things about this peaceful place:
How there was an air of uncomplicated serenity once stepping outside,
How a sense of home always precede upon entering the nearest village,
How the languid Italian-lifestyle waits quite patiently to be enjoyed and appreciated,
How the simplicity of taking pleasure in a day could be so fulfilling it was easy to smile,

I want to cherish so many things about this inspiring place:
How the historic structures mark the passing of time in each town,
How a spirit of kind cordiality is emitted through the people that inhabit them,
How the touch of the Italian language can feel so right when conversing with others,
How the past can be so respected and valued through yearly traditions,


By: V.S

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