Sunday, June 13, 2010

Most beloved untiringly classic favorite books

This discussion was originated through Inkwell, where we've decided to write about our preferred volumes. Like so many it’s hard to choose even two or three, but I have to say that the following books I thoroughly enjoy. Now, I say ‘untiring books’ because I find I can read them over and over again. Considering I rarely ever read the same book twice, this means there is some powerful content in these babies.

1.Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. (Just saying the title makes me sigh… I know, it’s pathetic) I fell in love with this story somewhere in my teens. I didn’t know what to expect the first time the book was lent to me, especially since I didn’t read too often then. But as I went through the book, I got caught up and swept away by the characters and the depth of self-discovery they have to confront, among other things.

This is the story of the Bennet family, but most of all, it is about Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. These two characters come together after learning to overlook first impressions and after facing misleading appearances, pride and misunderstandings. Set around the 18th century, the story follows subjects of marriage, love, ignorance, morality, family, etc. I found it surprisingly funny too. In addition, the language used in the text simply enthralls me every time.

2.The Corset Diaries by Katie MacAlister. Fair warning there is some rated R material in this book… really steamy stuff, seriously. Nonetheless, this story is laugh-out-loud hilarious! And it’s still funny the next time you read it. I was surprised at the amount of comedy that could be placed into romance. I love it! It encourages me to be creative with my own storylines.

Tessa is a “skinny challenged” American, who’s agreed to not only partake the leading role in a Victorian reality TV show, but to also wear a corset for the duration of it. (The character assures that the second issue was harder to survive through than the first) Pretending to live in the 1800’s sounded better than the real deal, until Tessa meets her pretend husband, the Duke. Then, she can’t tell if it’s him or the corset that leaves her breathless.

How about you? What favorites make you weak in the knees or thoroughly hypnotize you? The kind of books that, once you’ve read them, make you say: “I never stood a chance of resisting.”


  1. Hi Vry, I've read Jane Austen. I do have to check out the Corset Diaries. Sounds like fun.


  2. I, too, loved Pride and Prejudice.