Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hostile Thoughts

It’s okay to think it but I strongly suggest not taking action…

Has an employee at a check-out line ever given you a hard time? Or the secretary in your doctor’s office? Or even the window attendant at a Fast Food joint? If you haven’t, let me inform you that you’ve been thoroughly blessed. For those of you who have though, I’m sure you understand the uncontrollable struggle of having hostile thoughts under such mistreatment.

I remember having to go to a government office to renew my passport. I had an appointment and arrived early to resolve my issue as quickly as possible. But after the first two hours of waiting, where the temperature seemed to match Antarctica, I began to suspect I was going to have one of those days. When I was finally called upon, I was snootily informed how I’d botched all my information sheets and would have to refill everything as well as wait for another turn. Naturally, I got a little… testy. And I believe I would not have gotten so upset if the woman at the desk was just as uncaring with everyone. She wasn’t though. The person behind me received smiles and courteous service. I thought the snob was going to give the bloody client a hug; meanwhile, she scowled at me. Oh the injustice! And before you start wondering, no, I was not rude or impolite. Yes, I double checked.

So, at that moment, I felt the heat of indignation and the spark of anger blend together, jolting my imagination into violent overdrive. Oh how badly I wanted to set that evil witch straight. No matter how nice I was, she treated me like a natural-born-idiot who couldn’t tell her left hand from her right foot. Needles to say, the longer I had to stay in that freezer, waiting, waiting, waiting, the more the situation crawled right under my skin. Hostile thoughts inevitably surged up with eager delight. Images of slaps, body slams, headlocks, eye poking, face kicking… I guess you get the picture… they were my only consolation through the exasperating ordeal.

This occasion made me realize that people are constantly and wrongfully insulted, verbally abused or have to suffer through rudeness – whether you’re the employee or the customer. Not fair! You have no fault over whatever has this person’s undies in a twist, why should you have to take the heat? But (and this is a really big BUT), no matter how tempting the taste of satisfaction promises to be for me, at putting these hostile thoughts into action, I do not. Why? Multiple reasons really. I don’t want to go to jail, I can’t afford paying for the damages I cause, I may be hurting a child’s loved one, I doubt many would congratulate me on the violent gesture, and in the end, it probably won’t be one of my proudest moments.

However, it truly is a difficult exercise on your self-control to not give in, when what you really want to do is introduce your fist to a few faces. So, what to do if I don’t want to test the law? Remind myself, persistently, to have patience. Sure, it may not be as satisfying as loosening someone else’s teeth, but it beats getting more intimately acquainted with an overgrown jail mate named Big Bertha.

Simply my opinion of course. Plus it is highly recommended to find any distraction possible, focus on that, and pray for a hasty deliverance.

By: V.S


  1. I have totally had those days... understood. But your point is true - ever heard the saying "grin and bear it"?

  2. I kept thinking: "time to meet your maker". Nah, just kidding. I'll tell you something though, I was DESPERATE by the time I could finally leave!