Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The pursuit of money

What is it about money that can produce a change so drastic, it’s like you were reborn into another life? What is it about money that can drive a person to leave everything they’ve ever known behind, for the deceiving promise of unknown riches? What is it about money that can move someone to betray their loved ones, in exchange for a number of thin green bills?

I’ve yet to figure it out. Can someone please explain it to me, this mad obsession for money? I have to believe that people have reasons, justifiable if only to them, for making a conscious choice to act on behalf of money. Whether their reasoning can excuse their behavior I wouldn’t be able to tell, considering every situation consists of different components, participants and motivations. However, in the occasion that a person is influenced to take action for self-indulgent motives, such as greediness or egocentricity, I cannot help but to disapprove… (and that’s putting it nicely).

So I ask again, what is it about money? Why don’t I take a guess? Perhaps it’s the way it makes us forget how short life is, so that we may feel as if we will live forever through our wealth… maybe it’s how money blinds us to the humility and kindness within ourselves and others, letting us believe that we deserve to be served and treated like royalty… but then there’s always the way money can help us take for granted those we love, so that we think that the world is replaceable as we continue to be empowered by the possession of material goods. I suppose the heart of the matter is that the shallow pursuit of money is not as upsetting as the absurd value we give to it; as if money were some kind of godly icon we are meant to praise. I find it – let me try and put this delicately - fu*^#ng ridiculous!!! For money to be held higher than the tears of a child, than the please of an innocent, than the love of a family member…

This is my perceptions on the matter: a person driven by greed will develop insatiability for more and more riches until it reaches a gluttonous stage. At which point, nothing is ever enough. This person is dissatisfied with what they have, so they search to possess what they don’t have. Always believing that by owning expensive possessions, this will grant them exclusivity and power. Unfortunately, this is true in many parts of the world: the ridiculously high esteemed value of money and possessions. But I can’t help to wonder what they are working to build with their kingdoms of riches? Do they wish to buy admiration; do they hope to be recognized by a cloth of superiority; do they want to be held by fame and worshiped by others?

I guess it’s hard for me to understand the greedy pursuit of money based on the fact that NO ONE CAN TAKE THEIR RICHES WITH THEM AFTER DEATH. Kings and pharaohs have tried yet none have succeeded. So, I guess there is just one last question to ask after the superficial quest for getting more money… is it worth it?

By: V.S

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