Friday, April 16, 2010

An adventurous heart

My adventurous heart beats harder in my chest
It is a calling to my wildest desires
The thumps rumble with tireless effort
A persistent reminder of the dreams I’ve yet to attain

The blood in my veins thickens with longing
For the prayers I wish to be answered
To feel a river of accomplishment rush through me
To live free of restraints, self-deception and limitations

A heavy craving in my spirit swells
It ripples through my being
Igniting my fears and aspirations alike
Though a seed of hope blooms with open vulnerably

My pulse thunders against my skin
It drills pure determination into my soul
A startling willpower fills my lungs
Knowing no risk of unpredictability will deter me from the taste of adventure

By: V.S

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