Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Sister's Birthday

To my big sister, each day you shine brighter,
meeting challenges you brush aside with your patience and love
trying to keep track of your roles in life

you are a daughter, though you've grown tall and long,
it is not your height that has made you my big sister
Other than the order of our births, it is your willingness to give, love and trust

you are an aunt, though you gained this title second to your third role,
you care for Angelito as if he were your own

you are a mother, though it is a gift to be thus awarded,
it is no easy feat to endure and overcome
yet still have enough left to comfort and love

you may be all of these things, but no matter the time and distance,
not even the years we page through
Or even facing the unexpected
you will always be...

... my first partner in crime
the Pumba to my Timone
the Robin to my Batman
the Spongebob to my Patrick

Always my big sister

Happy Birthday, I love you - Je t'aime - Ti amo - Te amo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: V.S

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